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Horsemanship Summer Camp

Quick Details

For day camp 8:00 AM – 1:00 PM each day.

Day Summer Camp - Participant Per Camper • 5 Hours each day
Overnight Summer Camp - Participant Must have done day camp already

Giddy up for our Horsemanship Summer Camp in sunny Chipley, FL!

We will teach your child how to be safe around a horse, lead, groom, tack, ride, feed, parts of the horse and they will have the chance to participate in crafts and water activities.

On the last day, the children will get their own horses groomed and saddled (with a little lifting help, of course!) and go on a 1-2 hour trail ride.

Currently our horse camp is 5 days a week (Monday through Friday) from

  • 8 am – 1 pm ($250.00 per child) 10% discount for multiple children
  • with $250.00 more your child can spend the night at our horse camp!
  • The overnight camp is exactly like our regular camping trip