Sunshine Riding Trails

OPEN:  Monday–Saturday
By appointment only



(888) 335-8530

2273 Rolling Pines Rd

Chipley, FL 32428


Trail Ride rates:

1 hour : $45.00

2 hour: $60.00

3 hour : $85.00

           4 hour: $110.00

           Picnic:  $120.00

       overnight camping:                    1st night:

       $250.00 per person

             2nd night:

       $200.00 per person

Rates are per person whether Adult or Child

 We accept cash, local checks and credit cards with a $10 processing fee.


Proudly Serving Chipley, Florida and the Following Counties:
Bay | Calhoun | Jackson | Leon | Washington

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Josephine (Josie)

Josephine is our horse of a different color. She came here when she was just a few months old with her mom, Belle. Josephine was born with black fur and she has slowly been turning white. She is a real sweet heart and is kind of goofy.  Josephine also likes to lift her head up when it’s raining and catch big drops of water falling from the barn roof with her mouth. She has finished her training and is mainly used as a trailguide horse, Dave has laid claim to this one!






Dave September 2015

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