Sunshine Riding Trails

OPEN:  Monday–Saturday
By appointment only



(888) 335-8530

2273 Rolling Pines Rd

Chipley, FL 32428


Trail Ride rates:

1 hour : $45.00

2 hour: $60.00

3 hour : $85.00

           4 hour: $110.00

           Picnic:  $120.00

       overnight camping:                    1st night:

       $250.00 per person

             2nd night:

       $200.00 per person

Rates are per person whether Adult or Child

 We accept cash, local checks and credit cards with a $10 processing fee.


Proudly Serving Chipley, Florida and the Following Counties:
Bay | Calhoun | Jackson | Leon | Washington

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Gigi came from the same herd as Belle and is a very silly girl! She has little to no concept of personal space and always wants to be a part of what you are doing. She is very curious but very sweet. I guess you could say she can’t hold her licker because she loves to lick people! She is really spunky and loves to go fast! 

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