Sunshine Riding Trails

OPEN:  Monday–Saturday
By appointment only



(888) 335-8530

2273 Rolling Pines Rd

Chipley, FL 32428


Trail Ride rates:

1 hour : $45.00

2 hour: $60.00

3 hour : $85.00

           4 hour: $110.00

           Picnic:  $120.00

       overnight camping:                    1st night:

       $250.00 per person

             2nd night:

       $200.00 per person

Rates are per person whether Adult or Child

 We accept cash, local checks and credit cards with a $10 processing fee.


Proudly Serving Chipley, Florida and the Following Counties:
Bay | Calhoun | Jackson | Leon | Washington

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Sweet Saffron was originally trained as a show horse so she is still getting used to exploring the forests and all the surprises they hold! She might be the tallest horse we have but she would crawl into your back pocket if you'd let her.  Saffron likes to paw in the lakes and if all four feet make it into the water there is a pretty good chance she will lay down for a quick dip. She is a very sweet girl and you can see it in her soft, beautiful eyes.

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